The Most Forgotten Position In Jiu Jitsu Is The Path
To Destroying Your BJJ Classmates and Competitors
With Sweeps & Submissions So Easily That
They Will Think You Are Cheating.

Bernardo Faria’s Closed Guard May Be The Simplest Postion To Attack From & The Hardest To Escape & He Wants To Show You All His Tips & Tricks. If you ask any top grappler what is the hardest position to escape in BJJ they will universally answer: The Closed Guard:  Why?  It is the only position in BJJ that you virtually can’t attack from.  Hence, if you have someone in there, you don’t have to worry about them attacking – you can empty the gun on them and if you do it right you will catch them – for sure.

Your legs are locked around their body controlling it and if you know the little tricks, they are in a lot of trouble – soon to be swept or submitted.

A Forgotten Position

In the days of Helio Gracie the closed guard was Jiu Jitsu.  He would hang out there safely and wear his opponent out and when he was ready he would tap the SH*T out of them .  Over time, competition BJJ has switched to open guard and a new school/less practical game with new age terms like Berimbolo, Reverse De La Riva, and  and Spider Lassos…  But you need flexibility and the ability to stand on the back of your neck to pull these moves off.

The Closed Guard Is Simple Brilliance.

You lie on your back and grab a hold of his body with your legs and then you dictate the match.  If you want him close, pull him in, if you want him away, push him away.  When you see how the Gracie’s used to just dismantle everyone – I’m talking Rickson over Zulu, Helio over Kato, Royce over Shamrock, it was almost unfair.  When you control the closed guard, your opponent has no option but to try to escape the closed guard – the closed guarder just has too much leverage.

Done correctly a lethal closed guard means...

Once you know the tricks, you can pull him into your Power  Closed Guard and start your sequences and his day will get a lot worse real quick.  It is so easy to sweep and submit from closed guard when you know the tricks.

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The Power Closed Guard – Even If You’re Not Very Strong!

Bernardo Faria’s Power closed guard makes people’s jaws drop when he uses it in the gym.  It is called the Power Closed Guard because of all the power you can generate there – even if you aren’t strong.  There is a youtube video floating around where he taps 30 straight opponents with the omaplata from closed guard.  These aren’t little kids..  these are the toughest guys around – the kind who pay $100 for a seminar just so they can improve.  When Bernardo goes for the Omaplata he isn’t trying to sweep, he’s trying to tap and he is always successful.

The Power Closed Guard Can Help You

Bernardo’s techniques have won him 5 World Titles and title of Greatest Grappler on the planet in 2015 when he won his weight and Absolute Divisions at both Pans and Worlds.  His moves are simple to use… if you know the little tricks.  On his DVD – The Power Closed Guard Bernardo empites the vault and demonstrates every last hack that can help you to...
kick everyone’s ass in your gym.

Imagine a guard so commanding that your classmates just didn’t know what to do when you use it.  All the new school passing videos  you see on youtube involve loose passing like Torreando and Leg Drags and they are studying this stuff.

Well guess what?

There is no loose passing, Torreandos or Leg Drags in Closed Guard.  There are only a few ways out and once you learn Bernardo’s system you will learn them better than your opponents.  This is literally a forgotten position that you can use to dominate in class and in competition.

So What is On Bernardo Farias’
“Power Closed Guard Domination” 4 DVD Set?

This DVD set is packed with over 40 Video Lessons with Closed Guards that will absolutely transform your game.
It doesn’t matter what belt your opponent is or how athletic they are. With Bernardo Faria's Closed Guards you are good and they suck… it’s over.

What You'll Learn:


  • 01 How To Jump Closed Guard
  • 02 How To Jump Closed Guard From Knees
  • 03 Closed The Guard When Opponent Leg Is Up
  • 04 Closed Guard Leg Up Sweep Variation
  • 05 Scissor Sweep
  • 06 Pendulum Sweep
  • 07 Arm Lock From Pendulum Sweep
  • 08 Hand On The Belt Sweep
  • 09 Kimura
  • 10 Arm Lock
  • 11 Cross Choke


  • 01 Brabo Choke From Closed
  • 02 Brabo Grip To Arm Bar
  • 03 Sit Up Flower Sweep
  • 04 Sit Up Flower Sweep To Rolling Arm Bar
  • 05 Carlson Gracie Triangle
  • 06 Grip Breaks From Closed Guard
  • 07 Arm Cross Back Take
  • 08 Arm Cross Sweep To Mount
  • 09 Arm Cross Pendulum Sweep
  • 10 Arm Cross To Armpit Arm Lock
  • 11 Arm Cross To Armpit Grab
  • 12 Wrist Lock On Sleeve Grab
  • 13 Double Grip On Elbow Wrist Lock


  • 01 Knee Capture Sweep
  • 02 Sweep When Opponent Gets Up
  • 03 Arm Lock Variation From Previous Sweep
  • 04 Variation Kicking Hand From Sweep
  • 05 Variation To Omoplata When Opponent Switch Base
  • 06 Inverted Ankle Pick
  • 07 Sweep Grip Somersault
  • 08 Omoplata
  • 09 Cross Gripping To Mount
  • 10 Omoplata Variation
  • 11 Knee Bar With Lapel From Closed Guard


  • 01 Triangle From Overhook
  • 02 Moroccan Triangle From Overtook
  • 03 Overhook Choke
  • 04 Straight Arm Lock From Overhook
  • 05 Opposite Leg Sweep
  • 06 Omoplata From Overhook
  • 07 Deep Half Entry And Sweep
  • 08 Abandoning The Closed Guard Safety
  • 09 Getting To Closed Guard From
  • 10 Counter To Knee Push Open
  • 11 Counter To Elbow Grind

This is like a 4 hour private lesson from the best in history.

These techniques will help you more than you could have ever thought possible.  The simple little details and tricks that Bernardo shows have never been showed before in film.  They will give you a huge advantage in the gi or out of the gi.  This will revolutionize your game.

Crazy Lifetime Guarantee:

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