Simple Yet Devastating Techniques Allow A Small Man To Become A “Giant Killer” & Dominate The Biggest & Baddest Fighters On The Planet In The World’s Most Prestigious Event!

Claudio Calasans’ Giant Killing System Shows The Hacks & Tricks You Can Use To Easily Tap Out Bigger Guys Before They Even Know What Happened. 

Claudio’s goal is to attack bigger opponents where they are weak and can’t defend; positions where he is strong and they are weak, no matter how big they are.

Sao Paulo Brazil: August, 2015

In the Absolute Division of the 2015 Abu Dhabi Combat Championships: the most important No Gi Grappling event in the world – held only every 2 years, there was a typically scary field.

Some of the beasts like:

Rodolfo Viera, a 5x world champ who looks like a champion body builder when he cuts to make 220 lbs at only 5’10” with a 4% body fat.

Joao Gabriel Rocha – another chiseled beast who towers at 6’4” and is a passing machine.

Dean Lister: one of the most respected and accomplished warriors in history with leglocks that snap legs like twigs and is immune to most submissions and tipping the scales at around 240.

Add other beasts like Yuri Simoes and Vinny Magalhaes to the mix and you have yourself an intimidating field.

But the guy who emerged victorious isn’t an intimidating guy at all.  He’s kind of quiet, he’s short and he only weighs about 175 pounds. If you look closer though you’ll see that this is a guy who is sure of himself and he isn’t going to be pushed around by anyone. You see, Claudio Calasans is one of the most well rounded grapplers of all time.

"Nothing Short of Amazing"

He has won a Brazilian National Judo Title (Brazil is one of the best countries for Judo), an IBJJF Black Belt World Brazilian Jiu Jitsu title, and now an ADCC Absolute Championship.  That resume has never been matched.  He has won Brazilian National titles in 3 Sports: Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Submission Wrestling: nothing short of amazing.

So what allows Claudio Calasans to have so much success in so many sports and even against far bigger opponents?

Claudio Calasans Has A System For Beating Bigger & More Powerful Opponents & He Wants To Show You How To Do It Too!

Claudio’s goal is to attack bigger opponents where they are weak and can’t defend; positions where he is strong and they are weak, no matter how big they are.

His system is a little weird, but obviously it works.

His 3 areas of focus are:



Claudio is a master of the wrist lock, more than anyone else in the world.  He seems to get someone with one at every major tournament.  The wrist is a weak joint when attacked with leverage with major muscles and even a bigger guy will scream out when caught.

What you'll learn on this DVD:

  • 01 The Calazans Americana
  • 02 Arm Lock From The Calazans Americana
  • 03 Wrist Lock Drills
  • 04 Armpit Wrist Lock
  • 05 Belt Grab Wrist Lock
  • 06 Police Wrist Lock From Closed Guard
  • 07 Wrist Lock From Back
  • 08 Wrist Lock From Mount
  • 09 100 Kilos Wrist Lock
  • 10 100 Kilos Wrist Lock 2
  • 11 Backpack Wrist Lock
  • 12 Wrist Lock From Omoplata
  • 13 Standing Wrist Lock


The closed guard is a great position because when you have an opponent in yours’ you can attack and sweep all day but they can’t really do much aside from defending.  Claudio has devoted 2 full DVDs to his closed guard system and it just wrecks people.

What you'll learn on this DVD:

  • 01 Reverse Kimura Arm Drag
  • 02 Rolling Pin
  • 03 Cross Grip Scissor Sweep
  • 04 Lapel Omoplata Sweep
  • 05 Sweep When Opp Stands
  • 06 Hip Bump Sweep
  • 07 Rolling Back Sweep
  • 08 Omoplata
  • 09 Rolling Back Sweep 2
  • 10 Armlock
  • 11 Pendulum Sweep
  • 12 Twisting Elbow Lock From Closed Guard
  • 13 Belt Grab Closed Guard Pull
  • 14 Belt Grab Closed Guard Pull Variation
  • 15 Open Guard To Closed Guard Pull
  • 16 X Guard Entry From Closed Guard To Sweep
  • 17 X Guard Reverse Sweep
  • 18 Closed To Xguard To Omoplata
  • 19 Closed Guard Control
  • 20 Flower Sweep
  • 21 Arm Lock From Flower Sweep
  • 22 Omoplata From Flower Sweep
  • 23 Guillotine From Closed Guard


Claudio’s leg attacks in the gi are probably the best in the world.  His calf cranks are nearly unstoppable and his toe holds and advanced stuff where he leg locks anyone using Reverse De La Riva are straight up sick.

What you'll learn on this DVD:

  • 01 Leg Lock Finish
  • 02 Leg Lock Counter To Reverse DLR
  • 03 Leg Lock From Reverse DLR
  • 04 Leg Lock From Reverse DLR Variation
  • 05 Inverted Leg Lock From Reverse DLR
  • 06 Leg Lock From Leg Drag
  • 07 Calf Slicer From DLR Pass
  • 08 Calf Slicer From Double Under
  • 09 Toe Hold From Guard Pass
  • 10 Toe Hold From 50/50


As you can see this series is LOADED with tips and tricks you’ll be able to use right away. You know you need the “Giant Killing” 4-DVD set, so the next question is…

How Much???

Well, what is it worth to learn the secrets that are finally going to allow you to regain the upper hand in a match that before would have been hopelessly lost??

We’d ask how much do you think it would cost to get a personal instructional from the reigning ADCC champ but we won’t bother – he’s so in demand right now you couldn’t get one even if you wanted to!

Crazy Lifetime Guarantee: If you don’t improve your leg attacks more than you ever thought possible just return the DVD, no questions asked for a full refund – we are that sure.

So again, how much would you expect to pay for this kind of learning experience?

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