How To Surprise and Submit Your Opponents On the Mat.
Even Younger, Stronger, Faster & Higher Ranked Beasts -
With The Most Lethal & Least Understood Attack
In Grappling: The Leglock.

Dean Lister’s System Is Almost Like Cheating Because Your Adversaries Aren’t Taught To Defend It. Leglocks have been called the great equalizer - it doesn’t matter if you are big, strong, fast or flexible; all that you need to apply a successful leglock is the knowledge to get into the position and then watch your opponent scream and tap. A leglock is the type of position that scares the life out of people when you just mention it.

Even Mentioning This Position Makes People Lose Their Breath

Want to try a funny experiment to illustrate this point. Go into a new BJJ Gym and tell everyone there “I’m a white belt” or “I’m a blue belt” and no one will exactly be impressed but tag onto your self-assessment: “but I’ve trained a lot of leglocks” - the room will become so quiet that you will be able to hear a pin drop. The black belts will stop making eye contact so you don’t ask them to spar.


Because everyone knows a higher belt who was humiliated and had to tap to a leglock. We all know the consequences. If you get your arm stretched in an armlock it is going to hurt and you might be out for a month. If you don’t tap quick enough to a leglock it is going to paralyze you with pain and you might be out for a year.

Leglocks Are The Great Equalizer

One of the best leg lock teachers in the world is Esteemed BJJ and MMA coach John Danaher. His students: Eddie Cummings, Gary Tonon, and now Gordon Ryan are tearing up the EBI events with their slick leg attacks that no one can seemingly stop.

These aren’t intimidating looking guys, they seem to be very nice and are very good at what they do and don’t seem to be extraordinary athletes. Their success shows how leglocks can help every day people. Well John Danaher has admitted that his biggest influence for wanting to learn leglocks is the great Dean Lister.

You don’t have to be young, strong, fast or flexible to do leglocks.  All you need is the knowledge to perform them properly.  There isn’t no one more qualified than Dean Lister to show you his secret formula.

No One Has Done What Dean Lister Has Done With Leglocks - Or Even Close

Dean is the winningest American at the biggest No Gi Tournament in history: the ADCC – he has won 3 times and he has positively dominated with leglocks including a historic victory over the #1 grappler in the world at that time in 2011 – Rodolfo Viera – when he was 37, 40 lbs over his UFC competition weight and crippled with back and neck pain.

But when Dean unleashes his devastating leglock system, even the best guys in the world are powerless to defend it.

What will happen when you use it on the guys in your class?


So What is On Dean Listers’
“Leg Attacks & Grappling Hacks” 5-DVD set?

DVD set is packed with over 40 Video Lessons with Attacks that will absolutely transform your game.
It doesn’t matter what belt your opponent is or how athletic they are. With Dean's leg locks you are good and they suck… it’s over.

What You'll Learn:

DVD 1 – IBJJF Legal Techniques

  • 01 Ankle Pick Take Down
  • 02 Ankle Pick Details
  • 03 Outside The Guard Footlock
  • 04 Outside The Guard Footlock Details
  • 05 Inside The Guard Footlock
  • 06 Inside The Guard Foot Positioning
  • 07 How To Finish An Opponent Who Uses Boot Defense
  • 08 What To Do When Opponent Grabs Lapel
  • 09 Foot Positioning And Transitions
  • 10 Grip Break To Armlock
  • 11 Half Guard Windshield Wiper To Leg Lock
  • 12 Windshield Wiper Footlock Details
  • 13 Straight Leg Lock
  • 14 Hip Turning Escape Defense
  • 15 Omoplata Counter To Leg Lock
  • 16 Foot Lock Defense To Omoplata
  • 17 Toe Hold From Half Guard

DVD 3 – Dean’s Grappling Hacks

  • 01 Side Control Block Mount
  • 02 Neck Crank From Side Control
  • 03 Spiral Attack On Turtle Plus Armlock Variation
  • 04 Closed Circuit Review And 50 50 Variation
  • 05 Triangle Smash Escape
  • 06 Hammer Lock From Back Control

DVD 2 – ADCC Techniques: No Gi

  • 01 Rolling Knee Bar
  • 02 Variation From Rolling Knee Bar
  • 03 Why Dean Attacks The Bottom Leg On A Knee Bar
  • 04 Knee Bar Finish
  • 05 Kneebar From Top Half Guard
  • 06 Calf Slicer From Half Mount
  • 07 Heel Hook
  • 08 Shoelace Lock From 411 and 50 50
  • 09 Variations Shoelace Lock Pretty Girl Ugly Girl
  • 10 Closed Circuit Review And 50 50 Variation
  • 11 Straight Knee Bar From Double Under Pass

DVD 4 – The Dean Lister Seminar

  • 01 Bone Grinder Grip Seminar
  • 02 Bottom Leg Attack Seminar
  • 03 Door Stopper Details Seminar
  • 04 Foot Lock Entrance
  • 05 Inside The Guard Foot Lock
  • 06 Outside Foot Lock Entrance From Standing

This is like a 4 hour private lesson from the best leglock guy in history.

Don’t believe us?  Google it!

These techniques will help you more than you could have ever thought possible.  The simple little details and tricks that Dean shows have never been showed before in film.  They will give you a huge advantage in the gi or out of the gi.  This will revolutionize your game.

Crazy Lifetime Guarantee:

If you don’t improve your leg attacks more than you ever thought possible just return the DVD, no questions asked for a full refund – we are that sure.

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