How To Sweep Bigger Guys With The Half Guard That Actually Works Better Against Heavier Opponents


The Weird Techniques World Champion Lucas Leite Uses So Well That He Intentionally Chooses Opponents 30-40 Lbs Heavier…

Because His Moves Work Even Better Against Them!

Bernardo Faria - Black Belt 5x World Champion

"Lucas is one of the best in the world at half guard! While his system is a little different than mine, I'm a huge fan of his - I've seen Lucas sweep some of the best guys in the world who were much bigger than him."


Why The Hell Is He Competing Against Guys So Much Bigger Than He Is?

The reason he likes the bigger guys is that they are slower, and he is better able to get into his position. And once he’s there it doesn’t matter how big they are.

Alright, so who are some of these larger opponents that Lucas has beaten?

  • Xande Riberio - 7x World Champion
  • Tim Spriggs - Physical Freak Heavyweight
  • Roberto “Tussa” Alencar - Multiple Time Heavyweight World No Gi Champ
  • Kron Gracie - Legendary ADCC Champion

Lucas Leite isn’t a big guy.  He’s about 5’9, 165 lbs. maybe 170 when he competes.  He isn’t very muscular.  But his opponents are… Look at the picture above, the guys are way bigger than him: an average of 30-35 lbs heavier.

Lucas has developed a half guard that is so powerful that it works against anyone.  Once he gets his grips and gets into position he is unstoppable.  It doesn’t matter how big or strong a guy is, he is going to sweep them.

Why Does It Work?

It is all about leverage.  He gets himself so tight on his half guard that sweeping is easy.  One of his favorite sweeps is called the, ‘Carry the baby,’ sweep – it involves carrying your bigger opponent like a baby, even if he is 100 lbs bigger!  It works and it is easier to master than you would ever believe.

Will It Work For You?

It certainly will if you are willing to follow the directions.  You don’t need strength or speed - you just need a willingness to follow directions.  If you are someone who wants to always rely on their strength or athletic ability – it probably won’t work too well.  In order for this system to work we need someone who will both study and follow the steps and be willing to try it in the gym and not give up if it doesn't work the first time. But, rest assured that it works.

Learn The Weird Techniques World Champion Lucas Leite Uses So Well That He Intentionally Chooses Opponents 30-40 Lbs Heavier…

Because His Moves Work Even Better Against Them!

So, What Is On The Coyote Half Guard?


  • 1. Back Take From Half Guard Under Hook
  • 2. Half Guard To Dogfight Sweep
  • 3. Roll Variation From Dogfight
  • 4. Jump Over Sweep From Dogfight
  • 5. Carry The Baby From Dogfight
  • 6. Rubber Arm Back Take From Dogfight When Opponent Whizzer
  • 7. Superman Punch Sweep From Dogfight
  • 8. Log In The Lake Sweep With Under Hook To Dogfight Variation
  • 9. Sleeve Drag/grip Break To Back
  • 10. Sleeve Punch Back Take
  • 11. Stopping The Knee Slice
  • 12. Opposite Pant Grip From Knee Slice Counter
  • 13. Stopping The Back Step
  • 14. Scissor Grip Rolling Sweep From Half Guard
  • 15. Deep Half To Coyote


  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Passing To The Back Drill
  • 3. Passing To The Back Drill #2
  • 4. Passing Drill #3
  • 5. Passing Drill #4
  • 6. Passing Drill Chain
  • 7. Back Take From Turtle
  • 8. Back Take From Turtle To Arm Bar
  • 9. Switching Between Arm Bar And Choke From Back Take
  • 10. Retaining Back Control
  • 11. Taking The Back With Top Hook First
  • 12. Back Take From Stack Pass
  • 13. Back Take From Single Leg X


  • 1. Getting To Coyote Half From Shoulder Pressure
  • 2. Getting To Dogfight From Bottom Side Control
  • 3. Half Lasso Sweep
  • 4. Lasso To Deep Half
  • 5. Drill To Improve Coyote Half Guard
  • 6. Back Take From Coyote
  • 7. Pulling Half Guard From Standing
  • 8. Pulling Half Guard To X Guard Sweep
  • 9. Fake Single Leg To Half Guard
  • 10. Escape From Knee On Belly To Half Guard
  • 11. Back Roll Sweep From Half Guard
  • 12. Back Roll Sweep From Knee Shield
  • 13. Counter When Opponent Bases Out On Back Roll Sweep
  • 14. Taking The Back When Opponent Back Steps From Half Guard


  • 1. Pulling Half Guard From The Clinch
  • 2. Knee Twist To Inside Leg Single
  • 3. Chicken Wing Sweep From Half Guard
  • 4. Arm Drag Back Roll Sweep
  • 5. The Bro Handshake Darce Defense
  • 6. The Wiggle Wiggle
  • 7. Carry The Baby Sweep
  • 8. Knee Bar From X Guard
  • 9. 2 On 1 To The Coyote
  • 10. Back Take From Coyote
  • 11. Leg Drag Entry Into Coyote Half Guard
  • 12. Half Guard To X To Calf Crank
  • 13. Back Take Variation Off Missed Calf Crank
  • 14. Over Under Defense To Back Take
  • 15. Back Take From Single Leg X

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