The Lightweight Guard:
Learn To Use Your Smaller Size To Your Advantage
To Destroy Everyone In The Gym.

Matheus Gonzaga, Purple Belt World Champion - Will Teach You To Use Your Speed & Quickness As A Weapon - Even If You’re Used To Getting Smashed By Bigger Guys.

Are you 170 lbs or less?...

And tired of getting smashed and having your guard passed?

If so, you’ll be psyched to know there is a way to use your smaller size
to your advantage!


The truth is that if you fight a bigger opponent and try to match them strength for strength you might be in trouble.  But if you use your advantages like your speed and your ability to scramble, and you know the sequences before you start fighting, being small is an advantage!

The KEY is knowing what guard passes the bigger opponent is going to do and then to have a counter for them.  This is where Matheus Gonzaga shines.  On this DVD set, he has easy counters that will allow you to sweep your opponent quickly and easily even if you are weak as a kitten!

Matheus has counters for pressure passes such as the...

De La Riva Pass Knee Cut
Double Under Pass

that aren’t hard to do: even old guys can make these work!

He will also teach you concepts to keep you safe, such as managing distance.  One of his best tools to manage distance is using the Lasso and he will show you some very quick and simple sweeps from there that will leave bigger guys embarrassed and looking dumb.  Once you have a lasso in the bigger guy simply can’t pass and then Omaplatas from there are a cinch..

From the Closed Guard:  Little guys need to manage their closed guards differently than big guys. But one thing that most guys overlook: kneebars are very easy to setup and Matheus will show you how.

What's In "The Lightweight Guard" DVD Set?

Matheus literally grew up in the shark tank: GF Team in Rio.  This gym has produced absolute beasts like Rodolfo Viera, Ricardo Evangelista, and Victor Honorio and life there can simply be a matter of surviving.  He learned not only to simply survive but also flourish.  He won the Purple Belt world title in a division of over 80 competitors.

  • 01 Ukemi Sweep From Closed Guard
  • 02 Inverted Knee Bar From Closed Guard
  • 03 Double Under Counter Roll
  • 04 Counter To De La Riva Pass
  • 05 De La Riva Lasso Sweep
  • 06 De La Riva Lasso Omaplata
  • 07 Superman Sweep To Straight Footlock
  • 08 Inverted Torreando Backtake
  • 09 Knee Assisted Elbow Lock From Open Guard
  • 10 De La Riva Backtake From Scramble
  • 11 Sumi Sweep From Lasso
  • 12 5 Hole Backtake From Closed Guard
  • 13 Trick To Stop Torreando
  • 14 Elbow Lock From Overhook
  • 15 Omaplata from Overhook
  • 16 Alternate Arm Omaplata Finish
  • 17 Spider Guard Sweep From Closed Guard
  • 18 Double Under Counter
  • 19 Fireman’s Counter To Torreando
  • 20 Knee Cut Counter

If you are sick of being smashed, learn from a small guy just like you, who learned to use his smaller size as a weapon. So, how much would you expect to pay for this kind of learning experience? We could easily have charged $97 and it would have been a bargain.

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