How To Transform Your Opponent From Sitting Safely In His Turtle Position To A Sitting Duck -
Defenseless Against Your Devastating Attacks
That Leave Him Clueless & Tapping Out Time After Time!

Travis Stevens Judo-based system for attacking and defending the turtle (if you’re not familiar with the turtle - this is when your opponent gets in a tight little ball on all fours) will give you an unfair advantage over your opponents.  Even if it always seems like you’re the class grappling dummy: resigned to getting smashed over and over.

Want to know an easy way to tap out higher ranked opponents, even black belts, who kick your ass all the time?  Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?  Well it’s not - there is a way to end the frustration and defeat these higher ranked and/or more athletic mat bullies.  Here is the secret, are you ready?


We all know where BJJ is strong: the guard.  The young bucks, the guys who are strong, have low body fat, tons of flexibility, can do pushups and pull ups for days and are athletic as hell – all love the guard.  They stay up all night watching their heroes (Leandro Lo, The Mendes Brothers, the Miyaos) driving their opponents crazy – so they quickly master the guard position.

You can learn to pass their guards, but it is going to be hard – because that is where they spend all their time studying!  So flip that around: instead of trying to pass… isn’t it much easier to learn how to defeat these guys where they’re weak???

The reality is that most BJJ Classes spend little to no time on attacking the Turtle.  Sure, you’ll see instructors show the basic clock choke and how to use their hooks, but we all know those moves are pretty easy to stop.

Most BJJ Guys Are Good Here

Learning To Attack The Turtle – Out Of Dire Need

Most guys aren’t very good at attacking or defending this position

Travis Stevens’ didn’t learn to attack the turtle doing BJJ – he learned it doing Judo.  In Judo, opponents use the turtle all the time.  The rules state that most of the match takes place on the feet, and once it hits the ground an opponent risks little by going there.

But Travis had a bigger problem…

Although Judo is the 2nd most practiced sport in the world behind soccer, it is not very common in the US.   Hence the best American athletes like Travis don’t have a lot of top level guys to compete against.  This means that athletes from countries where Judo is especially popular (France, Brazil, Japan, etc.) have much better sparring partners and are able to learn throwing a lot better than competitors training in the U.S.

So Travis knew if he wanted to beat these guys he would have to beat them where they are weak – where they don’t really train too much - the turtle.  He drilled it over and over and became good at attacking it (very good – probably the best in the world) and he ends fight after fight on the ground.

At big Judo training camps, he has a hard time finding guys to spar with him – they don’t want to because they know they’ll get embarrassed! 

Out of necessity, Travis developed a system for destroying anyone who tried to stall him on the ground and he has become one of the most successful American Judokas ever.

How has this turtle attack system translated to BJJ as opposed to using it in Judo?  The honest answer is… it’s just as good or maybe even better.  When opponents turtle up to stop a guard pass or after a missed shot, the system starts and usually ends with them tapping.

Why?  Because while they might have spent a lot of time on their guards and passing...


Travis’ system is almost unstoppable after you watch the video and simply
unstoppable once you drill the concepts.

Remember, your opponents don’t train here and they don’t learn to defend it

If you study a position they don’t focus on, you will be fishing with dynamite!

It doesn’t matter if they are stronger, younger, more flexible, faster, have a higher rank – most BJJ guys aren’t good here and you can beat them and leave them wondering
“WTF just happened??!!!”

You’ll Also Learn To Defend The Position

Once you can defend the turtle, staying out of danger will be relatively easy. And you won’t just be stuck in a defensive position. Have no fear, Travis has a system for that too! These techniques will take you from simply defending to instead attacking and winning. Remember, most BJJ classes only show rudimentary clock chokes and putting gin hooks.
Once you shut these two attacks down quite easily,
your opponent will be out of ideas and wide open for attacks.

Travis’ attacks from turtle aren’t ones your opponent will ever see coming. He has arm rolls, leg rolls, front headlock reversals – that 99 out of 100 guys have never experienced.

And guess what? If they have no idea of what you are doing,
they have no idea of how to stop what you are doing!

So What is On Travis Stevens’
“Attacking And Defending the Turtle” 2-DVD set?

DVD set includes 15 Attacks and 7 Defenses that will absolutely transform your game.
It doesn’t matter what belt your opponent is or how athletic they are when you are in a position where you are good and they suck… it’s over.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to use your biggest muscles - your glutes and quads - to drive your opponent off his base. This will make him feel desperate and uncomfortable in a position that’s a safe haven for him against his other opponents, and will open him up to a series of easy attacks
  • A very simple way to penetrate his turtle position with your knee and quickly work in a sneaky lapel choke that ends the match…. And he’ll never see it coming
  • The craziest triangle you’ve ever seen - yes, used on the turtle. Plus Travis will teach you to flip turn your opponent and then tap him out with your choice of a choke, shoulder lock, elbow submission or a series of wrist locks
  • A new twist on the traditional rolling armlock that will leave him helpless to stop it. This new, devastating rolling armlock will have him tapping emphatically out of fear that his elbow joint will be destroyed from all the leverage that you generate. This Armlock is called the “Pretzel” because of the brutally uncomfortable way your opponent’s body is twisted (with little strength needed to apply it).
  • A long neglected, but incredibly effective, “old school” technique from 1880s Japan that will end every double leg attack from wrestlers who are foolish enough to try it on you. This works when they use it from turtle or any other conventional double leg setup. You used to get butterflies thinking of some athletic wrestler driving you onto your back with a power double leg takedown. Now you’re going to confidently hope they do it! After your new counter attack they will tap over and over – and they’ll never dare trying it on you again.
  • How to use the “Breakdance Roll” to defend when you are in the turtle – this move is easy and will not only defend attacks, it will make you appear more athletic than you really are
  • The science of removing hooks: once you know the secrets to taking hooks out you don’t have to worry about tapping – “Attacking the turtle without hooks is a losing battle”
  • How to reverse the front headlock. Strong “mat bullies” love the front headlock because it is a schoolyard move that traditional BJJ classes don’t teach a defense to. But Travis has a system which makes it obvious that anyone who uses front headlocks will be exposed as a grappling novice who just tapped – if they ever make the mistake of trying it.

So what do some of the best say about Travis?

John Danaher

Travis embodies much of what I take to be the deep soul of the martial arts. He is truly one of the hardest working athletes I have ever met. When I asked him to be part of one of Georges St- Pierre’s training camps he immediately agreed and became one of the best and most valued members.

John Danaher World Famous Grappling and MMA Coach
Joe Lauzon

Travis is one of the best guys I ever trained with.

Joe Lauzon Champion UFC Fighter

Travis showed me a back take when attacking the turtle. It’s now one of my most used and highest percentage back takes from the position.

Kyle Misuraca Brown Belt

You know Travis’ “Attacking and Defending the Turtle System” is going to be a huge tool in your grappling arsenal.  So now the question is… how much should he charge for techniques that are guaranteed to improve your game and kill BJJ guys in an area that almost all of them are weak?

Let me be frank. We’re going to sell out of these DVDs faster than we planned.

Here’s why…

Travis is uniquely qualified as perhaps the most well rounded grappler in the world.
He is truly elite at both Judo and BJJ.

There is no one better equipped to teach you this method on planet Earth than he is.

So we thought about pricing this set at a full $97 to tame the ferocious demand.

Maybe we’ll do that if we ever print another run.

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